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Applications for Design Talents are now open. Don’t miss the chance to apply, click on the link!

Are you the design star of tomorrow?

Are you a fledgling designer eager to showcase your products to buyers, producers and the media? Apply for Design Talents in August 2024!

Design Talents is one of Formex’s most exciting features where talented and unestablished designers from Sweden and internationally can apply for a place to showcase their innovative design solutions and products at the fair. Those selected as Design Talents are the big names of the future and are chosen by a jury to reflect the breadth of products at Formex.


We welcome your application. The application period runs until May 12, 2024.

Stand info & price

If you are selected for Design Talents, you have the opportunity to accept a stand at the fair. The stand will be ready upon your arrival at the fair equipped with a carpet, an electrical outlet, lighting on trusses, a painted wall and your marketing name in vinyl text on the wall. After this basic setup, you can decorate your stand as you wish. The stand area is 6 square meters, measuring 3×2 meters.

The registration fee is 2,195 SEK excluding VAT, and the stand rental is 5,795 SEK excluding VAT. You will only be charged if you are selected.


When selecting for Design Talents, we look at the products based on novelty value in terms of idea and form and to get a good mix of product types at the fair. The section is built in an architecturally exciting way that differs from the other stands in the hall.
If you have been accepted, you are welcome as a Design Talent at up to three fairs.

Best in Show Award

Each fair, our jury selects a winner of the Best in Show – a design award for the designer who stands out from the crowd. The winner is presented to the press on the Formex stage, and the prize includes a stand space worth SEK 15,000 for the next fair and editorial content on and in social media.

Best in Show in January 2024

The January 2024 winner was Studio Madelen Möllard, which creates objects and interiors inspired by her art. Click on the link to read our interview with Madelen.

Get inspired by the selected Design Talents who exhibited at Formex in January 2024:

John Jakobsson

Moa Märta Markgren

Rooms and Flora

Studio Madelen Möllard

T I D studio

Apply for Design Talents

The application is open between 19 March and 12 May 2024.

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