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  • Order in time for best price

    For the best possible service from Stockholmsmässan and to be sure of getting the products and services you need – order in time. This will allow us to deliver services of a higher quality and on top of that you will get the best price.

     If you order no later than 3 weeks before the official moving-in date, we reward you by offering the lowest price for construction and stand equipment. Orders received later are subject to a 30% surcharge on the price up until the moving-in date. If you order during the official moving-in period or the actual event, a 50% surcharge will apply.

    Order no later then July 27, you can place your order in our webshop which you can find in the Event Planner. 




  • Digital Stand - your most powerful marketing tool

    With our Digital Stand we give you an efficient tool which secures that visitors as well as journalists gets to know and take part of your company’s information before, during and after the event.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to fill out your digital stand! As well as submitting information about your company – you also get the possibility to submit unique fair offers and activities that you would like to promote during the event. They are represented together with other offers and activities that the event and other exhibitors are promoting on the events website and app. Your stand will now be easy to locate for our visitors throughout our app.

    What is included in the Digital Stand

    • Company name and contact information. The name becomes visible and searchable through different search engines (such as Google), and through our own search tool provided on our webpages.

    • Your stand number becomes visible, provided with a link of a map of the building showing our visitors where your stand will be and how they can locate you.

    • Your various brands will be viewable and searchable, which will increase your company’s exposure and business opportunities. You can also submit and make yourself searchable by adding different product categories connected to your brand - by doing so our visitors can find you by searching within categories on our webpages.

    • Opportunity to submit different seminars and activities under our activity-program on the fairs webpage, as well as unique fair offers that you get to promote throughout the event.

    • You get to submit and publish several inspiring movies, pictures and press releases connected to your company.

    Price: Digital stand incl one FairMate Lead Tracking-license 1790 SEK

     Want to know more?


  • Moving in & dismantlig

    Officiell moving in

    Saturday 2017-08-19, 07:00 - 20:00
    Sunday2017-08-20, 07:00 - 24:00
    Monday 2017-08-21, 07:00 - 24:00
    Tuesday 2017-08-22, 07:00 - 24:00
    Wednesday 2017-08-23, 07:00 - 07:30

    Sunday & Monday the official moving in is  extended to 24:00.
    The halls are open at 07.00-24.00 between the hours of 20.00-24.00 terms of entry and exit through the main entrance. Entry after 20:00 you must contact the guard at the main entrance phone and please note that you can not bring in any bigger material but it gives you as an exhibitor the opportunity to enter and work in the booth.

    On Tuesday you are allowed to work in your own stand until 24.00 but the aisles must be emptied at 16:00 when the aisle carpets are laid.


    Saturday 2017-08-26, 17:00 - 24:00
    Sunday2017-08-27, 07:00 -16:00
    Monday 2017-08-28, 07:00 - 16:00



  • Do you want partition walls against your stand neighbor?

    Partitions against your stand neighbor is included in the price of the stand area but must be ordered in advance. You have to order the partition before July 27. After this date they will be charged according to the current pricelist.

    Hall A, B, C No partition walls will be built between you and your stand neighbor. Do you want a partition wall against your stand neighbor, you must order it in advance. Do you have a stand at a wall, a rear wall construction will be built.

    Gallery aisles No partition walls will be built between you and your stand neighbor. Do you want a partition wall against your stand neighbor, you must order it in advance. Do you have a stand at a wall, a rear wall construction will be built.

    The partition walls are painted white and has the following dimensions; height 2.49 m, width 1.0 m, thickness approximately 34 mm. The walls can be painted in different colors and you can hang paintings and other light objects on them.

  • Light candles in your the booth / order the extinguisher package

    You can can have up up to 5 lighted candles per working staff in your stand. The lights must be under constant supervision.

    This will be controlled by the Stockholmsmässans security staff and also clarified to the exhibitor well in place when you sign the specially designed form that gives you the permission. Stockholmsmässan will charge a fee of 910 SEK excl. VAT for the permission. For orders under the moving in period  or ongoing arrangements will be charged an additional 50% surcharge.

  • Order tickets

    Invite your customers

    Here we introduce a number of features that will make it easier for you and your colleagues, both to prepare you for the fair and to follow up afterwards.

    With our system you can order both print and digital tickets. You can also easily monitor which customers actually used your invitations.

    Event Planner »

    Info on how you can invite your customers:

    1. If you want to send out digital invitations yourself
    - Go into the system (menu item "Order invitations") and order the required number of PDF invitations.

    - Under "invitations" you can directly download a zip file with the corresponding number of PDFs.
    Each PDF is given a unique invitation code - you then get a pdf per person to be invited.

    - Email out the pdf to your visitors, or write out the invitations and send them by post.

    2. If you want to help us manage the digital invitations
    - Prepare an Excel file where you add e-mail addresses to all visitors who you want to invite (a sample file is in the system).

    - Then go into the system (menu item "Invite by email"), enter the desired number of invitations and upload your Excel file.

    - If you want, you can enter an email address where you receive information about the e-mails could not be delivered (a so-called "mail delivery report").

    - We send out all your invitations via email. Each invitation is given an invitation.
    Note that Stockholmsmässan only use these addresses to do the mailing, we save not therefore address with us. They are deleted after mailing.

    3. If you want to order printed invitations
    - Go into the system (menu item "Order invitations") and order the required number of printed invitations.
    The printer sends them to you and you send out by post to customers.

    What the visitor do with your invitation:
    - When visitors have received your invitation, they go into the system and register with the invitation code

    - The visitor takes with its registered ticket (printed or as pdf on your phone) into the Formex. They go directly through the entry control without having to queue at the registration or checkout.


  • Order Exhibitor Cards

    How to register your stand staff

    Everyone working in your stand during the event must have its own personal name tag with photo (photo badge) to wear visible.
    This is a safety issue and also helps the visitors to know who they are talking to.

    Go into the Event Planner and enter the names of everyone who will be working in your stand.

    Booth staff will receive an email where they are asked to go into the system and complete the registration.
    They can prepare by uploading a photo in advance.
    If you don´t have  any digital photos that can be arranged when uppon arival  to Formex, but the more people who have uploaded their photos in advance, the faster the process.

    When the stand staff arrives to Formex they can just go to one of the registration stations and print their fotobadge

    If the photos are uploaded in advance, a colleague can pick up all of the exhibitor badges with the registration codes.

    Event Planner »

  • Register your Co-exhibitor

    Let us know if several companies will be exhibiting together on your stand. Each co-exhibitor pays SEK 3,100 and are marketed in the same way as the main exhibitor.

    Register you co-exhibitor »

    If you have more than one co-exhibitor you can send a list to
    Specify: Company name, VAT number, Marketing name, Contact person, Phone, E-mail, Address, Postal addres, Country and Main Exhibitor, Stand number.

  • Digital signage for maximum attention

    Do you have a news item that you want to present? Or perhaps you are planning to have a contest at your stand that you want to give a little extra promotion? Or why not take the opportunity to show your brand video?

    Stockholmsmässan is offering you the opportunity to advertise during one of our best-attended exhibitions. With moving or animated material, you can use the screens to spread your message from the main entrance all the way into the exhibition hall. It will be a message that is really hard to miss.

    Digital signage is guaranteed to create interest and attention. Don’t miss this opportunity for a low cost, maximum dissemination of your message.

    For more information, please contact:
    Mia Lindberg
    Phone:+46 (0)765-25 99 77

  • New height rules for 2015

    Don´t forget to read the new rules for height constructions for 2015

    Height review rule 

    For the convenience of exhibitors and stand builders we will be testing a new rule regarding construction exceeding 2.5 meters in height at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Formex in spring 2015.

    Height review

    The new rule allows exhibitors to build partitions of up to four meters in height, with or without exposure, without approval from the neighbors. As an exhibitor, you only need to inform your neighbor(s) about the construction plans and leave the wall back white and even, or as you and your neighbor agree.

    Height exposure

    Placing your product, your brand or your message above the stand’s standard height of 2.5 meters on a banner hanging above your stand is, as it has been in the past, an additional means of visibility, referred to as height exposure. Neighbors’ approval is required for height exposure, except for exposure on the above-mentioned partition.

    Application for height construction and height exposure

    All construction over 2.5 meters should always be reported to Stockholmsmässan’s Event Services for a ruling on the feasability of the technical means for exceeding 2.5 meters. Your dimensioned drawings and blueprints should be submitted to The height review fee of SEK 750 is included in Stockholmsmässan’s price differentiation, so please apply well in advance!

    The fee for height exposure is SEK 4750.

    NB! Always remember to communicate with your stand neighbors before the Fair to avoid unnecessary surprises.